Lia Brody, MA, MFT
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My education and professional experience have given me knowledge and competence to borrow from various psychotherapeutic orientations. By honoring many theories and wisdom traditions, I tailor my practice to best meet the individual needs, presenting problems, and personality style of each unique client. My technique has never been the one-size-fits-all approach.

Sometimes mood disturbances or major crises and/or traumas lead us to therapy. At other times we are simply tired of enacting the same well-worn, negative dynamics with those close to us – or perhaps we are exhausted and irritated by the limiting patterns of our own personality style. These moments are opportunities for great personal growth. In the collaborative, therapeutic venture, I am always seeking greater balance and integration in the client’s personality system to inspire more adaptability and freedom…more mental, emotional and spiritual health!

No matter what a client’s complaint may be, it cannot be shared, assessed or tackled unless the relationship a client develops with a therapist is safe, supportive and ultimately respectful. Establishing this relationship is the foundation of my practice. From that foundation, many options are at our disposal…